Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ for short) is a live-action game simulating a zombie apocalypse. The ultimate goal of the game is for either all Humans to be turned into Zombies, for the humans to survive a set amount of time, or for humans to achieve a set goal. Humans can defend themselves using balled up socks, marshmallows, foam dart and nerf blaster at some events. When zombies are hit with one of these they become stunned. Zombies, on the other hand, are unarmed and must tag Humans to gain a kill.


An HvZ weeklong is a whole-campus game of zombie tag. During a single week, players play the game alongside attending classes and carrying out their lives. But the game is only played outside 8:00-5:00. Starting as a human player, you will do your best to avoid being tagged by zombie players while also completing mission objectives. In short: you will try to survive the week.

Players are marked by a bandana, provided by us. Human players wear their bandana on their arm. Zombie players wear their bandana on their forehead. Game moderators will be marked by two bandanas. When you are zombified, you move your bandana from your arm to your head. You are now a zombie.


1. 99.5% of players start as human, 0.5% as zombies.
2. If you get tagged by a zombie, you become a zombie.
3. If you stun a zombie (with socks or marshmallows) they are out of the game for 5 minutes.
4. If a zombie does not feed for 48 hours, they die permanently.


An HvZ lock-in is a huge game of zombie tag that occurs in the Engineering center about once a semester, usually the friday before spring or fall break. The night usually consists of 2 rounds. In these rounds there will be a couple of people that start off as zombies that are trying to turn all of the humans into zombies. The humans meanwhile are attempting to complete a mission before they are all zombified. If the humans complete this mission they win. If all of the humans are zombified before they can complete their mission the zombies win. Zombies can turn humans by tagging them, humans can defend themselves with nerf blaster or sock bombs.