Week Long

1. Don’t be a douchebag
- Don’t use non-players as human shields
- Don’t remove your bandana to avoid being killed
- Don’t deny that you weren’t tagged/stunned
- Don’t make mountains out of mole hills, this is a game, not life or death

2. Wear your bandana when you are playing
- Humans wear bandanas on their arms, zombies wear bandanas around their heads

Don’t involve non players in the game
- If someone isn’t wearing a bandana (bright orange and provided by us) don’t try to involve them in the game in anyway
- We can only host these games if the whole CU community feels safe

4. Only play within the game limits
- All buildings are off-limits
- Gameplay will only be on campus and at designated parks around Boulder

5. No nerf on campus!
- We wish we could use nerf too but unfortunately no nerf is allowed on campus at all!!!
- You can protect yourself with rolled up socks, blowguns (must be shorter than 3 feet) or thrown darts and other soft projectiles.

6. Only play within game times, Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
- There will also be an off-campus mission at 5 in a park in Boulder.
- During these mission Nerf is allowed but only at these off-campus missions.

7. Always have your player code on you to give to a zombie when you get tagged
- Have your code on a notecard, a screenshot on your phone, any way you can quickly access it is fine.