1. Don’t be a douchebag
  • Don’t use non-players as human shields
  • Don’t remove your bandana to avoid being killed
  • Don’t deny that you weren’t tagged/stunned
  • Don’t make mountains out of molehills, this is a game, not life or death
2. No nerf on campus!
  • We wish we could use nerf too, but unfortunately no nerf is allowed on campus at all!!!
  • You can protect yourself with rolled up socks (preferably clean thanks) and other soft similarly-sized projectiles
3. Wear your bandanas when you are playing
  • All participants wear bandanas around their ankles to designate that they are a player
  • Humans wear bandanas on their arms
  • Zombies wear bandanas around their heads
4. Don’t involve non players in the game
  • If someone isn’t wearing two Mod-provided bandanas (one bright yellow on the ankle and one bright green on the head or arm) don’t try to involve them in the game in any way
  • We can only host these games if the whole CU community feels safe
5. Only play within the game limits
  • All buildings are off-limits
  • No gameplay on anything with wheels (includes bus, bike, Heelies, etc)
  • Gameplay will only be on Main campus and at designated parks around Boulder
6. Only play within game times
  • On-campus game times are Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • There will also be off-campus missions at local parks in Boulder: details will be provided in daily emails and on the website including starting times and locations
  • Starting times are typically betwen 5 and 6pm and take around 30 minutes depending on participation
  • During these off-campus mission Nerf is allowed
7. Player codes
  • Always have your player code on you to give to a zombie when you get tagged
  • Have your code on a notecard, a screenshot on your phone--any way you can quickly access it is fine
  • You can find your player code on your profile page
Other Notes:
  • All players must sign up on the website and fill out a safety waiver before playing


Rule #1. Don't be a douchebag
What this means:
  • We want this game to be fun for everyone, so keep other players in mind.
  • Examples of being a douchebag include:
    • Blasting your fellow players in the face
    • Getting mad or yelling at players for tagging you
    • Lying about whether you’re human or zombie, stunned or spawned
    • Blasting people who are not in *the game*, or blasting players while you are not in *the game*
    • Treating a player as though they are in *the game* while they are not involved either due to discussion with a moderator or because they have an emergency
    • Treating a player as though they are in *the game* while they are not involved either due to discussion with a moderator or because they have an emergency
All Players
  • If not sure who got tagged/stunned first, players must solve the dispute with Rock-Paper- Scissors
  • No shields unless specifically provided
  • Shoes are mandatory
  • Have bandana on arm
  • Use nerf or socks to defend themselves
  • Become zombies when tagged by a zombie
  • Goal: complete missions and stay alive
  • Have bandana on head
  • Tag humans to turn them into zombies
  • Stunned when hit by projectile from humans
  • Clearly show they are out of the game when stunned
  • Must audibly count down from 10 for the last 10 seconds before they respawn
  • Stun timer is 60 seconds unless otherwise stated
  • Blaster tags don’t count
  • Goal: tag all humans
Playing Area
  • Engineering Center 1st, 2nd, 1st basement
  • DLC 1st, 2nd, 1st basement
  • No play in elevators
  • No kicking open doors
  • Be careful of stairs, don't run and don't jump
  • Bathrooms are safe zones
  • Respect the space
Blaster Restrictions
  • No hard tipped darts (FVJ) or modified darts. Stefans are fine
  • No blow guns on any kind
  • 120 FPS cap
  • No realistic paint jobs unless clearly marked with brightly colored ribbon or tape