November 12th - 16th, 2017, 2017 | Stats | Waiver
In a nutshell, the missions are designed as follows: successful completion of an on-campus mission lets the humans who completed it either choose to lengthen the zombie stun timer for the following day, or get a clue to help with that day's code. Solving the code will give the location of the off-campus game, which starts at 5:00pm each day. Off-campus missions involve finding and defending one or more deely-boppers, which the zombies are trying to capture. When a zombie captures a deely-bopper, that zombie becomes a special infected.
[ON_CAMPUS] Late registration, last minute waiver hand in, trick or treat and sign sheet [OFF_CAMPUS] Scavenger hunt for deely boppers* (Location - Will Vill fields)
[ON_CAMPUS] Take pictures in front of designated buildings on campus in their halloween costumes with bandanas clearly visible email pictures to us (human email: ; Zombie email: ) [OFF_CAMPUS] Have a mod be a “pumpkin person” and zombies have to collect pumpkins from around the park and bring them to the “pumpkin person” (Location - Beach Park)
[ON_CAMPUS] Escort “newsperson” mission from: C4C to: UMC fountains middle stops: circle patch of grass outside the engineering center, Ralphie Buffalo statue, Norlin fountains, Rock statue with the loop, UMC fountains. (Head north and loop around CHEM to the UMC.) [OFF_CAMPUS] half-priced halloween candy defend the supply drop escort mission (Location - Boulder Creek Path; start under Folsom St bridge)
[ON_CAMPUS] riddle mission, use words on lawn signs around campus (different phrases on each sign with one word capitalized). Potential reward: vaccine? Email the final phrase to a proxy email. We will then email out vaccine codes to first 5 or 10. [OFF_CAMPUS] (Deely bopper reward) Humans have to rotate around 3 spots, carrying (heavy) object (or two) to reset timers that last 5mins? And object has to remain in human hands for humans to win. If the object passes to and remains with zombies at any point during the mission, humans lose. Also if 2 or more timers get fucked also if even one timer gets to 12 minutes zombies win (Location - Martin Park)
[ON_CAMPUS] Zombies must join hands in a giant circle around the patch of grass in the biking roundabout in front of the EC. If they surround the entire circle with unstunned zombies, they win, and get deely boppers for Chautauqua. If they cannot succeed at this within 45 minutes, humans win a shortened time for Chautauqua. Zombies may not enter the circle itself, but humans may. [OFF_CAMPUS] Per tradition, the off-campus mission takes place at Chautauqua park. Before starting the game, any remaining Deely Boppers are distributed to the surviving humans. During the mission, if a zombie kills a human who is carrying deely-boppers, then the zombie gets those boppers and becomes a Special Infected. In order to win, humans must defend the gazebo from the zombies for the full 45 minutes. Zombies win by having SPECIAL INFECTED touching both main pillars of the gazebo simultaneously for a eight-count, or by killing all the humans. In this way, the humans must defend the gazebo from the Special Infected for the entire duration of the game. Note that if the zombies win the on-campus mission that day, then the Special Infected will have a stun timer of only 1 minute. So, the humans and zombies arrive at the park. At 5:00, the zombies begin attacking the gazebo. If, at any point, at least two Special Infected enter the gazebo and are simultaneously touching the pillars for a full eight-count, then the humans lose and the weeklong ends.